What about some jewelry?

What about some jewelry?

Too tired to crochet this weekend, so I beaded:

2 nice #bracelets:

one on blue:2014-04-14 15.55.06-1 2014-04-14 15.58.24-1 2014-04-14 15.58.24-4 2014-04-14 15.59.33-3

I used a pandahall tutorial, found on pinterest. They have a lot of cute beading tutorials on their learning center:


or on pinterest, their  tutorial: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/31384528626329288/

I added 3 seed beads between those crystals.

And a green bracelet.

2014-04-14 16.31.26-1 2014-04-14 16.31.26-2 2014-04-14 16.31.26-6 2014-04-14 16.31.26-12 2014-04-14 16.31.26-13 2014-04-14 16.31.26-14

It is a bangle…

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Another crocheted rug:)

Same color, or almost, but different pattern, my own again. This time I started with a 8 petals flowerin the middle:

rug 2 0 rug 2 det rug 2 et 1 rug 2

So, which one looks better?:D

It is almost same size, 80 cm diameter (33 inches).

I used 2 strands 50% cotton, 50% acrylic yarn and a 9 mm hook ( which is M, I think, I will check or you can check on google…)

Anyway, you can use any yarn and any hook you have, the result will…

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Crocheted rug

I finally made one! With my own pattern, that I will list it in few hours. I have to make it nice, with pictures:D

and taddam:

crochet rug 00 crochet rug det big crochet rug det crochet rugWhat do you think? It is 83 cm diameter, which means25 inches? Or something like this. I have to convert it. But I am very proud of it.

And the shrug is almost done. I have to join sleeves and cut tails :( Tomorrow, I think:)

So, I used my own pattern, and I wrote it…

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Lace crochet and tatting (frivolite)

Lace crochet and tatting (frivolite)

Today it was a Mandala CAL, and I did it! Almost:D I didn’t like last 2 rows so I improvised. And I used cotton… for embroidery and a steel hook,  and I made a pendant:

mandala pendant

You can find the pattern here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crochet-mandala-for-your-home , it is a photo tutorial, easy to follow.

And I made some matching earrings:

flower crochet earrings with buttons

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New jewelry

This week I didn’t have enough time to finish my shrug, but it was enough for small projects.

That means few bracelets and a necklace:

a blue #embroidered denim #bracelet:

denim back denim det denim denim00 denim0 denim1 denim2 denim3

It is really wide (8 cm, 2.5 inches), and long (between 6 and 8 inches, just moving the buttons!). I used a #recycled piece of jeans, same as the embroidered pocket, and cotton perle (embroidery cotton, loco brand)…

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Weekend crafts

I still fight with the black shrug, so it’s not crochet. But, in the mean time I need small projects, just for fun.

Something as jar transformed in a vase with some glue and yarn, or a recycled jeans pocket transformed in a pouch or mini-purse, or a flat spi4ral bracelet. Still blue one:). Or a macrame spring colors one.

2014-03-09 22.37.16-3 2014-03-09 22.37.16-7 2014-03-09 22.37.16-9 2014-03-09 22.37.16-12 2014-03-09 22.40.25-1 2014-03-09 22.40.25-3 2014-03-09 22.40.25-5 2014-03-09 22.40.25-10

The vase needs a flower I think. And some acrylic paint for the…

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Some bracelets

New and old with new pictures:

2014-03-06 13.33.24-3 2014-03-06 13.35.51-6 2014-03-06 13.52.48-1 2014-03-06 13.57.41-1 2014-03-06 13.57.41-5 2014-03-06 13.57.41-9 2014-03-06 13.57.41-13 2014-03-06 13.57.41-19 2014-03-06 13.57.41-24 2014-03-06 13.57.41-28 2014-03-06 14.24.10-2 2014-03-06 14.24.10-4 2014-03-06 17.26.03-4 2014-03-06 14.24.10-3 2014-03-06 17.29.38-3 2014-03-06 18.58.47-1 2014-03-06 18.58.47-3

I think I will list on etsy 2 or 3, the rest I will keep for me:) I love the one with black pearls and that with huge beads.

I don’t have pattern for any of these, it was just moment inspiration. For the herringbone one it is a video tutorial with cube beads, I think.

And here you can find a lot of nice tutorials. She has 3 channels, this is one…

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Shades of blue retro sweater

Shades of blue retro sweater


Fresh from the hook a new retro chic #crocheted sweater or shrug or bolero, with 3/4 sleeves and a big flower, no buttons.

It’s just dc and a fan border, but I love the result. The yarn and the shape make the difference, I think. And the flower, it’s a 3 layers flower, I’m not sure that you can see it… It is removable, so it will fit to S-M size. The yarn is blue, grey and some shades of brown,…

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Some updates to bolero

Some updates to bolero


Few new pictures in natural light:

bolero 3 bolero det bolero0

And how to do it:

First make a pattern with your (desired) dimensions. It will look like this:

2014-02-22 22.05

Mine looks like this, if you need  S:

2014-02-22 22.11

And I used these stitches, first for the main part, second for sleeves. You can use another one, if you don’t like it.

2014-02-22 22.18

I don’t find now a decent photo, sorry for this one.

First is a multiple of 10 (+4 sts, so you can…

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