Crocheted necklaces #2


Do you remember my finds for holidays? If not, try here

Why do I ask?? Because finally I tried one of those necklaces. And it works pretty good. I made it in black and sparkling grey with some magatma beads. I used cotton for embroidery and metallic thread (it’s not really metallic, it’s just sparkling grey with…

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Crocheted necklace(s)

Fresh from the hook;) An Irish roses crocheted necklace in golden with little pearls:

irish crochet

For roses I used this picture (found on web):

irish roses

And for the rest clusters of 4 and rings.

And a braided necklace with flower, clover and heart cabochon:

braided1 braded2 braided

This one needs to be block and I don’t have pattern for it;)) This one is a medium size necklace.

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New crocheted collar and few bracelets

New crocheted collar and few bracelets


A blue collar, I have to check again the pattern, before posting, but this one looks great!

crocheted collar crocheted collar 1 crocheted collar 2

That flower is a brooch.

And few bracelets, as I said,

beaded bracelet in white, black and yellow

beaded bracelet in white, black and yellow

This one is a RAW bracelet with multifaceted beads white and black

10660188_835418229824397_1037814040512955449_n 7087_835418309824389_4798182793913811401_n

the red one is a turkish crocheted rope with different sizes beads and a stretch bracelet in white, black and silver1549545_835418549824365_7931830131580304375_n 1975000_835418459824374_302323925849823498_n


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My work, part 2

My work, part 2

This is part of my page 3 on etsy shop:)

page 3

handmade gifts page 3 

And part of page 2

page 2

And this is page 4:)

page 4

To discover other pay a visit to my etsy shop:

I remind you that this is the last day on sales:)


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My work - page 1:))

My work – page 1:))

How my etsy front page looks today:)

Just 2 photos:

page 1

handmade gifts

and the bottom:)

page 1.2

I remind you: all in sale, 30% off, use coupon code summer2014.

I accept custom orders for all:) so feel free to ask for it!

I manually reduced prices on a little market too, because I forgot where I can find the soldes button, hm,  me…

And I didn’t list all there, someday maybe I will have enough time.

little market


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Lovely crocheted collar

collar det fl collar collar0 collar det

I used a 6.5 mm hook and 150 m Red Heart Detroit yarn (says 3 on label at weight).

US terms


ch = chain,

st(s) = stitch(es)

dc = double crochet

V stitch = double crochet, ch 2, dc in same st

tr = treble

Chain 60, not too tight.

Row 1: ch 3 (counts as dc, here and in each row from here), dc in the forth ch from the hook and in each next 59 sts (60 dc).

Row 2:  ch 3, dc in next…

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New crocheted scarf # who knows?

New crocheted scarf # who knows?

I said small projects, now I make only scarves;) And a headband.

So, I listed the red one, now let me introduce you another 3;))

The brown one, made with 6.5 mm (K) crochet hook and a soft bulky wool. It’s so called interlocking crochet. I made a mesh and then I inserted the Big Bang Alize yarn. I wanted some pompons yarn, but I didn’t find it. I will try it some other time:

scarves 151 scarves 144

Real colors in the…

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New scarf;)

I made it yesterday with one skein (240m) 100g brick and some scraps from rug. Looks great, I hope you like it:

scarf2 scarf000 scarf00 scarf0 scarf1

I will write the pattern these days, for grannies too;) I will list this one on first, on September 1st on etsy.

Now I remind you that my etsy shop is on SALES mode;) 30% off, use coupon code SUMMER2014 at check out and enjoy it.

Some other scarves I made, on etsy:

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Summer sales

Starting now, untill September 20 use coupon code SUMMER2014 at check out and get 30% discount (minimum purchase is 15$).

Some of my listed items:

Vase with poppies needlepoint

Madonna praying needlepoint

Irish crocheted top fall theme

Made to order (in any color

Huge crocheted rug

pearl bracelet (faux)

little black dress with blue sparkling metallic thread

Made to order in any color (this one is ready to ship)

doily crocheted rug

blue pearls(faux) bracelet

green pearls (faux)…

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Crocheted rug # 4

Crocheted rug # 4

Rug or blanket, but a huge one. Made with hemp rope (chains) and wool and acrylic yarn. This one is colorful.

Measures 2 m x 3 m (aprox), it will be a little bit larger after first wash, when the rope will relax. And an impressive weight: 4 kg more or less 200 g.

Ok, this is it:

rug 1 rug0 rug3 rug4 rug5flower1 det flower rug 2 true colors

Some colors are brighter, you can see in the last picture or on my FB page. And somewhere are my sandals…

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